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♪ about ♪

Welcome to soymilk_freak! The 1st & only LJ community dedicated to Shou, our great vocalist of alice nine. and his former bands were lost age, Givuss, kijintan (session band).
He was born on 5th of July, 1981 and his birthplace is the north part of Japan. His real name should be Kohara Kazamasa 小原一将. He is well-known for having a pair of beautilful, cute & big eyes.XD. He has a special & nice voice and is really talented, all the beautiful lyrics are written by him. And his english is quite good and he's poetic too, as we can see from his personal corner. XD
His favourite drink is soymilk (as you can see). He loves his PSP & he is also a cat-lover. He has 4 cats. Rabu, Chirori & Kuro & Aka-chan. Chirori is the mother of Kuro, Rabu & Kuro give birth to the Aka-chan and it was sold/gave away as he couldn't take care of so many cats.*according to Shou* he doesn't like to get wet and also hate to fall sick, having a healthy body is important to him. Shou is matured, and considerate and really caring (can see from his diary entries), he loves his fans and the people around him. ^_^ So, how can you not love him?

♪ rules ♪

Here is just a few rules to follow, I guess it's not that hard right? ^_^
1. You must love Shou or alice nine. if not why you join?
2. Be friendly & respect each other, NO BASHING.
3. Everything you posted must be Shou-related, or at least about alice nine. or his former bands but please do not off-topic too much.
4. Any stuff is allowed. like media (mp3,clips.etc), graphics (icon, banner, wallpaper, layout. etc), scans, fan-fic, cosplay, basically anything related to SHOU! XD
5. Comments & say thank you if you take anything, or credit the person/community.
6. Please do not post whenever you want, if you want to share your creation, try to post once a week and please friend-lock your post.
7. Please write an introduction about yourself, we'll like to know more about you.=)
8. Every member can claim one thing belongs to Shou. Please check the claim list before you claiming.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Lastly, have fun with us, and show off your Shou fandom!

♪ "SHOU" off your love project! ♪
WANNA JOIN THE ♥ "SHOU" OFF YOUR LOVE FANBOOK PROJECT ♥? Join us & check for more details! ^_^
Check it out at the Memories for info/downloads.etc
♪ behind the scenes ♪

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Name of the community credits to __houkiboshi
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